Narpula Scobie Napurrula

Australian Indigenous Artists Narpula Scobie Napurrula

Narpula Scobie Napurrula is one of the first few women known to paint for the Papunya Tula Artists, a group of artists of the Papunya Tula Movement which were highly regarded for their high standard work and powerful style, Narpula Scobie Napurrula imbibes her audiences to the mysteries and knowledge of their tribes’ forefathers through her depictions of bush tucker or food gathering and Aweyle or Women’s Stories Ceremony paintings on Canvas. Though born in the Haast Bluff area (west of Alice Springs) in 1957, together with her family moved to the nearby settlement, Papunya in the early 60’s where they stayed. Narpula is the younger sister of the famous desert artist Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula and an equally internationally renowned younger sister Mitjili Napurrula. She is also associated with Fabrianne Peterson, her daughter-in-law also an artist who apprenticed with her in the late 80’s.