Kathleen Ngala

Australian Aboriginal Artists Kathleen Ngala

Kathleen Ngale is a senior woman, born c.1930 in the Utopia region of Central Australia. She belongs to the oldest living generation of Utopia artists and has in the last two decades emerged as one of the greatest Aboriginal artists, having been compared to such great artists as Emily Kngwarreye, Minnie Pwerle or Kathleen Petyarre. Her work has come to be seen as some of the most sophisticated and complex in the Aboriginal art scene. She has been featured in many exhibitions, both in Australia and overseas, and was a finalist in the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award in both 2000 and 2008. 
Kathleen is the senior custodian of the cultural knowledge of her country, Arlparra. Her works are a depiction of her country, Arlparre, and its ‘Bush Plum’ (Anwekety) Dreaming. Courtesy 
Sasha Grishin.