Judy Watson Napangardi

Australian Aboriginal Artists Judy Watson Napangardi 

Judy Napangardi Watson was born at Yarungkanji, Mt Doreen Station. Napangardi made many trips on foot with her family, back to Mina Mina and Yingipurlangu, her ancestral country on the border of the Tanami and Gibson Deserts. She lived there for long periods.

Napangardi has painted for Warlukurlangu Artists since 1986 and first exhibited with the group in 1990. She was taught to paint by her elder sister Maggie Napangardi Watson. Together they developed a distinct style of painting that comprised of contrasting lines of color with richly textured surfaces executed in an energetic ‘dragged dotting’ style. She is at the forefront of a move towards the more abstract rendering of Jukurrpa by Warlpiri artists. Her work, however, retains strong Kurruwarri – the details that tell of the sacredness of place and song in her culture. Most of Napangardi’s works depict Mina Mina or Dreamings connected to this important women’s Dreaming site and include Karnta (women), Kanakurlangu (digging stick), Ngarlyipi (snake vine), Yunkaranyi (honey ant), Jintiparnta (native truffle) and Majardi (hair string belt). Judy Napangardi Watson shared her first solo exhibition Mina Mina Jukurrpa with Bessie Napangardi Lewis at Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne in 2004.