Jeannie Mills Pwerle


Australian Aboriginal Artists Jeannie Mills Pwerle 

Jeannie Mills Pwerle was born in 1965 in Utopia, in the Atnwengerrp region and belongs to the Alyawarr language group. Jeannie is the daughter of the well-known artist, Dolly Mills. She is also the niece of the Utopia elder and acclaimed artist, Greeny Purvis Petyarre. Her early experiences with the Aboriginal art world of the 1970s prepared her for her own career as a successful artist, and she has been able to bring her distinctive style to the Yam Dreaming she inherited and shares with several other Utopia artists. The Bush Yam, or Anaty, is a staple food for many people from the Central Desert region. The paintings representing the flowers and seeds of the Anaty honor the plant and encourage its regeneration. Jeanie is also known for painting women’s ceremonies, among other themes. Her style features warm, rich color, and fine, intricate detail. Tiny, nearly microscopic dots and subtle shading give an easily recognizable three-dimensional, tactile quality to her work. Jeanie was a finalist for the Telstra Award for Aboriginal Art, in 2008, and no wonder, as her brilliantly colored, dynamic designs fairly pop off the wall. Any room in any home that features Jeanie’s work will become extraordinary.