Gloria Tamarre Petyarre

Angelina Ngala Pwerle

Gloria Tamarre Petyarre is one of the Seven Petyarre Sisters of Utopia acclaimed for their unique painting styles despite taking the custodianship of the same totem, the Arnkerrthe or the Mountain Devil Lizard. Gloria’s distinguishing style can be observed from her clean and graceful strokes seen in her works whether it be on her Bush Medicine Leaves, Awelye, or on her Mountain Devil Lizard Dreamings. She works in a variety of color combinations at the same time in monochrome.
 Her sisters are Kathleen Petyarre, the late Ada Bird Petyarre, the late Nancy Kunoth Petyarre, Violet Petyarre, Myrtle Petyarre, and Jean Petyarre, all notable artists in Utopia. Together with Gloria, they paint under the direction of their totem which they inherited from their paternal grandmother who is also from the Atnangkere Country. The Aboriginal mythology of the Mountain Devil Lizard was said to have the ability to collect and deposit ochre colors through its skin to the different regions of Atnangkere in defining landscapes and identifying its sacred sites. Coincidentally, there are members of the Petyarre family that beares markings that of the Mountain Devil Lizard, this inadvertently declares the Petyarre’s great role in acknowledging this totem to their whole generation that carries not only their past but also their present and future.
 Their works on this totem make their viewers feel its presence moving around Atnangkere Country.