Evelyn Pultara

Australian Aboriginal Artists Evelyn Pultara
Evelyn Pultara is not merely painting her colourful pieces but rather she is synchronizing with the energies of her totem, the Bush Yam. When Evelyn started painting in 1997, she painted Dreamings like the Awelye and Bush Tucker and later proceeded into exclusively painting the Bush Yam as if she was fully enchanted by its being and existence.Being the niece of the world renowned Aboriginal artist, the late Emily Kngwarreye at the same time sister of highly regarded spiritual painter, the late Greeny Purvis Petyarre Evelyn acquired her skill by blood rather than practice. With the Bush Yam as Evelyn’s totem, she sees it a responsibility to always pay respect to it through song, dance ceremony, and painting usually in vibrant colours. 
Evelyn is an Anmetyarre traditional woman. The Bush Yam has long since been the primary source of food by the Anmetyarre which explains the precedence and exclusivity of Bush Yam Dreamings in all her recent paintings. As a plant, the Bush Yam has edible tubers and mauve-pink Morning glory-like flowers that usually bloom nearing the end of the year.