Australian Aboriginal Art

It is believed and indeed confirmed that Aboriginals are the original inhabitants of the Australian continent and nearby islands after migrating from Africa and Asia.

The Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are both referred to as Indigenous Australians though Aboriginal was a term that was specifically used to refer to the original indigenous inhabitants of mainland Australia and Tasmania.

Australian Aboriginal Art is the oldest surviving art forms currently being practiced by many of the traditional Aboriginal Art was inspired by religious rituals or ceremonies. Aboriginal Art is based on animals or patterns with all the drawings and paintings on designs having stories behind them. The artists get a lot of money from their artworks which include rock and bark paintings. In addition to these, there are also the Aboriginal masks which are long and thin and are painted with colourful dots.

   Aboriginal Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art is composed of the indigenous Australians in collaboration with the non indigenous people who make the Indigenous Australian art. One wonders what is involved in the Indigenous Art. Some of the activities include painting on leaves, both wood and rock carvings, sculpture and even making ceremonial clothing. All these great arts have led to an increase in international recognition among Aboriginals and Australia as a country. This is great!

Aboriginal Art has both artistic and anthropological merit as it reflects the ancient complex culture. The Australian Aboriginal Art is the longest surviving, most exciting culture in the whole world and it qualifies for both museums and galleries. This culture is rich in practical skills and knowledge, spiritual teachings and is also based on survival of the fittest in a very hostile environment. Australian Aboriginal paintings also qualify for either ancient and modern art galleries or a museum. This has given the Aboriginal people self respect and a reliable source of income. The beauty and spirituality of the Indigenous Art has enabled the Aboriginals earn some great respect from the Westerners.

The Indigenous Art is centered on some ancient “Dreamtime” stories and symbols considered to be very important and sacred. The Aboriginal believes that these stories were created long time ago, more than 50 000 years ago and to date the stories are still intact to the current generations. This shows the way the Australian Aboriginal Art is valued even by the younger generations. Many Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories are represented by patterns of dots. Stars can also be illustrated by use of dots as a way of art work.

The Aboriginal paintings use symbols that have different meanings. For example painting a spear may symbolize gender; a group of men. A curvy line indicates a snake, wavy lines may indicate running water or sand hills while a series of concentric lines represent a meeting place, campsite or water hole.

The Aboriginal paintings have colours indicating their country at different times or season, for example dusky blue or grey colour indicates sunset while pink indicates sunrise. Yellow colour denotes dry time. Most of the current Aboriginal Art paintings incorporate most designs used by the Aboriginals…