Aboriginal-Artist-AngelinaAngelina Ngala Pwerle
Angelina Ngala Pwerle was born in 1947, Angelina is a well recognised Aboriginal artist whose paintings have gained international acclaim. Angelina draws inspiration from her grandfather’s land, Arlparra, and her artwork often features the Bush Plum (Arnwekety). She is the sister of renowned artists Kathleen Ngala and Polly Ngala, who are also best known for their Dreamtime Bush Plum paintings. Other subjects that Angelina enjoys painting include the night owl (Arrker), as well as bush floods and native flowers. Some of Angelina’s artwork depict the story of Atham-Areny, small creatures that live where there is no fire: these show women preparing to sing and dance with witch doctors to draw sickness out of those touched by the Atham-Areny. In 2006, Angelina was a finalist in the 23rd Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards.