Aboriginal Art Centre

Aboriginal Art Centre is a leading online gallery specializing in paintings by Australian Aboriginal Artists from the Central and Western Deserts.

The Australian Aboriginal Artwork offered at our online gallery is mainly obtained from artists living in communities such as YUENDIMY UTOPIA Kiwirrkurra WA, the APY lands and the Kimberly’s.

We supply galleries and art lovers throughout Australia as well as overseas clients with paintings by indigenous painters some of which have been painted in our gallery in the main street of Alice Springs by artist calling in from outlying communities and the APY lands, or some which we have obtained during our travel THROUGHOUT NORTHERN TERRITORY AND BEYOND VISITING VARIOUS COMMUNITIES IN YUENDIMY UTOPIA and in WA Kiwirrkurra, the APY lands and the Kimberly’s and wherever else we made contact with prominent indigenous artists such as Yidumduma Bill Harney on Willeroo Station a tribal elder from the Wardaman country in the Fitzmaurice Region – 120km south west of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

This country is known as the Land of the Lightning Brothers. Bill at the time invited me to put my swag down on his homestead, where I stayed for about 12 days during which time he painted some didgeridoos and paintings of his Dreamtime for us.

It was here where I also met Lorna Fencer Napurrula, Bill’s tribal mother and one of the great painters of her time. Some of her and Bill Harney’s aboriginal paintings are featured on our site.

Bill paints in traditional colors and depicts the Lightning Brothers along with images from his area. 
He is an accomplished artist, painter, didjeridoo maker, and player and storyteller. 
Didjeridoos are cut from yellowjacks, sandy bloodwood, red woolybutt, white woolybutt, black woolybutt and stringybark. 
In his paintings on canvas and on didgeridoos which are world-famous, he brings to life the Dreamtime stories of his Aboriginal Wardaman people.ced) as he/she paints layer upon layer onto the painting.

Lorna Fencer Napurrula

Bush Potato 4376

Bill Harney

Wying Dreaming


When visiting Aboriginal communities in the Australian outback we supply artists with our canvasses and top-grade Matisse acrylic paints, stay awhile, enjoy the hospitality of our Aboriginal hosts and eventually move on returning to our base in Alice Springs.

Having been in business for some 25 + years. We have made many contacts and friends among the Aboriginal communities which is why our large gallery workshop in the main street of Alice Springs is often frequented by artists who have traveled hundreds of miles to Alice Springs from the desert outback to replenish supplies and catch up with their family.

On their visits, artists from the outback communities at times drop in for a cuppa and move on or camp with us for a day or two or three and paint their Dreamtime stories for us in our large workshop which is well fitted for the purpose or under our shady Gumtrees. Having been in the Aboriginal Art business for some 25 years, having traveled the outback throughout Northern Australia we have come to know many artists intimately who well remember and visit us when they get to Alice. Some, such as Mary, Lucky, Ruby and others of the Morton Family from Rocket Range, or the Camel camp mob from Utopia With Polly Ngala, Katie and Josie or Ray James and his wife Donna from Kiwirrkurra and many many others.

We have personally met every aboriginal artist who’s paintings are on offer on our website, some of whom are sadly no longer with us. What makes an Aboriginal painting unique is that a painting by an Aboriginal Painter is not just a painting you can order off the line as some shonky dealers are trying to tell you. But it is a painting that contains the dreaming of the individual artist. Something Westerners will never be able to understand. It is spine-tingling when you see and hear an artist singing the story of the painting (something we have so often experienced) as he/she paints layer upon layer onto the painting.

Aboriginals are Nomads and seldom stay long in one place. So here one day and next time you meet them again might be months later in any place in Australia.

Our life is much richer having met indigenous Australians. We will be pleased to answer any questions about our artwork.